Conference Bags & Satchel

If your employees are regularly popping in and out of the office for meetings, don’t waste this opportunity to further promote your business using Novel Tees’ branded conference bags and satchels.

Whether your employees are regularly on the road or your company is about to attend a major event, promotional conference bags will make people stop and take notice. Their sleek and professional appearance can reflect a lot about your business and the quality of the work you do.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of options – including pouches, satchels, backpacks, totes and briefcases – to ensure that you have the perfect match for your business and that laptops or important documents are kept secure.


Choose from an array of colours and styles to ensure that your personalised conference satchel complements your brand perfectly. On top of this, your logo can be printed or embroidered onto the bag for that final touch.

Quality Materials

We understand that custom conference bags must present a certain look, which is why we use only the highest quality materials. Choose from recycled, nylon, jute and even leather satchels for that professional edge.


  • What sorts of functions are conference bags suitable for?
    These bags will quickly become your employees’ best friend. They are suitable for carrying laptops and tablets (providing them with protection against knocks and bumps), important files, and other little knickknacks (such as pens, drink bottles and business cards).
  • How many of these bags do I have to order?
    The minimum order for these promo conference satchels ranges from as little as 25 units to as many as 100 units. This ensures that large and small businesses are able to purchase as many bags as they require – and any leftovers make great client gifts!