Promotional Cooler Bags

There’s nothing quite like a cool beverage on a hot summers day or being able to pack a picnic without forgetting the cutlery. If you are looking for a fantastic corporate gift, you cannot beat Novel Tees’ branded cooler bags.

It’s time to start choosing marketing products that recipients are actually going to use. Promotional coolers are something that everyone – young or old, single or family – will use at some point. Whilst they may not be a regular feature, they are most definitely set aside and brought out at a later date.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of options – including wheeled, collapsible, lunch cooler bags, picnic setting, backpack, insulated cooler bags, basket, speaker, large and small cooler bags – to ensure the perfect match for your clientele.


Choose from an array of colours and styles to ensure that your personalised cooler complements your brand perfectly. Your logo or marketing message can be printed onto the bag for that final, finishing touch.

Quality Materials

To ensure that your clients are satisfied with the coolness of their food and beverages, we use only the highest quality materials. All of our bags feature premium insulated compartments for the best results.


  • How closely can you match my logo and/or corporate branding?
    We have an array of bag and thread colours to choose from, ensuring that you will find a close match (if not an exact one) for your brand. We also digitally match the colours in your logo or branding prior to printing the design on the surface.
  • What sorts of functions are cooler bags suitable for?
    We have found that coolers can be put to use in a number of applications – take a wine cooler bag to a BYO restaurant, keep your drinks cold whilst out on the water, pack a picnic on a sunny afternoon, or keep hydrated whilst watching your favourite sports team.