Promotional Paper Bags

Whatever happened to the good, old fashioned paper bag? Novel Tees understands that these promotional items are still relevant in this day and age, which is why we stock a range of products to choose from.

Believe it or not, paper carry bags are a highly effective marketing tool that no business should overlook. Not only are they are affordable option, they have a sense of interest that causes people to look twice. This will ensure that your brand is constantly on display.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of options – including shopper, trade show and rounded corner – to ensure a perfect match for your clientele. We also offer small paper bags, medium paper bags and large paper bags for your convenience.


Whilst white paper bags and brown paper bags tend to be the most popular choices, we also offer coloured paper bags for your convenience. Your logo or marketing message can be printed on either side to finish.

Quality Materials

The common misconception surrounding personalised wholesale paper bags is that they aren’t overly strong. Many of the bags in our range are tough, strong and even water resistant to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • What sorts of functions are printed paper bags suitable for?
    We have found that these branded bags are ideal for a number of applications, particularly in the retail sector. They can be used to carry anything, from little knickknacks to heavy boxes, and they can be recycled when you no longer require them.
  • How many of these bags do I have to order?
    The minimum order for promotional paper bags ranges from 50 to 250 units. The great thing about these items is that they never go out of style and are incredibly easy to store, so it actually pays to order a larger quantity for future use.