PET Bags

Have you ever wondered what happens to the millions of plastic bottles thrown away each year? Some of them are spun into fibre or yarn and then woven into fabric that is used in the creation of Novel Tees’ custom PET bags.

As well as looking fantastic, promotional PET bags are environmentally friendly – they save energy and resources whilst reducing waste. They also divert PET plastics, which don’t degrade, from ending up in landfill. They are a great way to advertise your business’ stance on environmental issues.


Choose from an array of colours, sizes, shapes and styles to ensure that your selection complements your business perfectly. Your logo or marketing message can be printed on the surface for a long lasting finish.


  • What sorts of functions are recycled PET bags suitable for?
    We have found that personalised PET bags are a popular alternative to single-use plastic bags. They are also quite effective at keeping food and beverages cool, can be an alternative to a backpack or woman’s handbag, and can even be a lunchbox.