Promotional Backpacks

Novel Tees’ range of promotional backpacks can be customised with your corporate logo and message, providing you with a quality marketing product that is the perfect handout for clients and employees alike.

Whether you’ve opted for large or small backpacks, you will find them to be a valuable way of advertising your business. They can be worn anywhere, from the train station on your daily commute to the local café on your lunch break, and are constantly displaying your corporate logo to the general public.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of options – including travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, leather backpacks, canvas backpacks and many more – to ensure that you have the perfect match for your business and clientele.


Choose from a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and styles to ensure that your personalised backpack offers maximum value. Your logo or message can be printed or embroidered onto the bag, ensuring its longevity.

Quality Materials

Our branded backpacks are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction. Our range of materials includes woven nylon, waterproof synthetics and leather.


  • How closely can you match my logo and/or corporate branding?
    We have an array of bag and thread colours to choose from, ensuring that you will find the closest possible match (if not an exact one). If having your logo or branding printed onto the surface, we can digitally match your colours.
  • What sorts of accessories can be included with the backpack?
    We understand that the appeal of any corporate gift lies in its function and usefulness to the recipient. Our bags can also feature built in water storage and drink bottle holders, built in headphone ports and built in wheels (for when the bag is heavy).