Sports & Duffle Bags

These days, more people are leading active lifestyles than in previous years. What better way to make a real impact with your advertising than giving your employees and clients quality sports gear bags?

Associating your business with sports has proven to be effective in terms of marketing time and time again – by giving out custom sports bags as corporate gifts, you are having an immediate positive impact on your clients. Encouraging your employees to be healthy can also be fantastic for morale.

Extensive Range

Choose from a wide range of options – including travel duffel bags, weekenders, wheeled or rolling duffel bags, drawstring and small duffel bags – to ensure a perfect match for your business and clientele.


Choose from an array of colours, shapes, sizes and styles to ensure that your branded sports bag complements your business perfectly. Your logo or message can also be printed or embroidered on the surface.

Quality Materials

We understand that these bags are likely to receive quite the workout, which is why we only use the highest quality materials in their manufacture. Choose from leather sports bags, canvas duffel bags, waterproof duffel bags and more.


  • How closely can you match my logo and/or corporate branding?
    We have an array of bag colours to choose from, ensuring that you will find a close match (if not an exact one) for your needs. When printing, we will digitally colour match your logo. When embroidering, choose from a range of thread colours.
  • What sorts of functions are sports bags suitable for?
    We have found that personalised sports duffels are suitable for a number of applications – ensure that you have everything needed to hit the gym, play in your local sports team, train your clientele, or even head on a weekend away with your teammates.